Aquarium Maintenance Tips

fi9jEven if your tank water looks clear, try stirring the water up with a little hand movement inside the tank, you’ll be surprised at how much debris there is. When fish are being fed, some food particles submerge to the bottom of the aquarium that leads to decay and the food that is eaten will ultimately be discharged back into the water as fish excretion waste, contributing to the accumulated debris. Frequent water changes are for that reason the foundation of a healthy fish tank. You are also going to need to check chemical balance, and sustain the right water pH.

  • Changing Water
    One of the essential steps in looking after an aquarium includes water changes on a regular basis, at least once in a month. Still, at a single time, it is a good idea not to change more than 25-30% of the total water. This amount of fresh water will help decrease the harmful chemicals, such as nitrites, nitrates and phosphates, which have built up in the aquarium. While changing the water, be sure that the fresh water has the same temperature and pH level as the water already in the aquarium, if you want to avoid any undesirable effects.
  • Media Cleaning
    Rinse (or replace) your mechanical media with a sponge every week to avoid it from clogging due to the fish bio wastes in your filter.
  • Sustaining pH
    In terms of maintaining an aquarium, it is important to make sure that the pH levels remain in balance. Though neutral (7) pH is the ideal level for all the fish, they can comfortably withstand any pH in the range of 6.6 to 7.4. You can verify the pH level by testing water hardness. It is a good idea to do this on a frequent basis, because fish cannot tolerate a fluctuating pH very well. One of the optimum ways of maintaining pH is to clean the aquarium water often. This can help to get rid of wastes and algae, in turn keeping the pH at the right level.

Remember that fish are not use-and-throw pets, and if you choose to have them in your home they are worthwhile taking the time to treat them appropriately. Like any animal, your fish need a clean, safe and stress-free living environment. It’s up to you to make their lives happy, and it can be fun too!

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