Beginner Aquarium Tanks for Home

345tnk61Thriving aquariums rely greatly on research and preparation. Just like you study the care requirements of the fish you are considering, you will also need to think about important concerns such as aquarium placement. If you are considering starting a freshwater aquarium, there is a range of details you need to have a look at. Not simply do you need to determine what kind of fish you are going to have and how you are going to decorate the aquarium, but you definitely need to choose the aquarium itself. They come in a various shapes and sizes so, if you are not prepared, it can be a challenging to find the best tank for your home.

Glass or Acrylic
You need to make a decision if you want glass or acrylic. I recommend glass for beginners. Most of the new aquarium styles you’re seeing on the market today are built with acrylic. If you’re seeking for something outside of the average, a custom acrylic aquarium is absolutely the path to take. Keep in mind that the biggest problem with an acrylic aquarium is that they scratch very easily (got to be careful when cleaning the inside of tank!). Glass tanks are not easy to damage but they can break more easily, a huge leak all over your home is certainly something you don’t want to go through. Big glass aquariums can become incredibly heavy, even without the water inside.

An aquarium positioned in a back room or garage may not get the maintenance or attention it needs. In many cases a terribly positioned aquarium can result in negligence, maximizing risk of fish disease or equipment malfunction that stays undetected. Setup your aquarium where you invest most of your time. In that way, you can completely enjoy the results of your project. Select a room where you will be able to view and take joy of your aquatic system. If you are planning to position aquarium equipment in a cabinet or stand, be sure it has good ventilation.

Regular Maintenance
Once a month you will need to invest additional time to swap your filter media and to perform larger 25% water change. Your daily maintenance tasks will consist of feeding your fish, learning your fish for signs of disease, and examining to make sure that all of your tank equipment is operating properly.

What kind of Fish51cy93
Some species of fish can be more hostile than others, so look into temperament and compatibility when choosing your fish. Freshwater fish that favor cold water need less maintenance than freshwater fish that need their water to be warm. You certainly want your first fish to be easy to maintain, you can always add more species later on.
Cyprinids, for example are little hardy and very enjoyable to watch as they flow around the tank. You will find tons of color and pattern styles in these species as well. You will certainly appreciate watching their schooling behavior.

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