Why Should I Compost?

There are oodles of benefits! We should start with the most important benefits:

  • Compost is made up of a high quantity of minerals and nutrients to enrich plants, trees and soil.
  • It keeps moisture better than most soils and therefore helps to preserve healthy plant life and lessen evaporation.
  • It allows us to never throw away a single penny of our food budget by throwing out food leftovers.
  • Compost can be used in the house in plants or pretty much anywhere outside.
    Compost is one of the best soil improvements for your lawn. Your lawn doesn’t need a pile of synthetic fertilizers; all it needs is high-quality compost. We guess that at least 80% of the lawns in the states would take advantage from the use of compost.
  • When sowing new plants it can be mixed into the soil as a fertilizer, applied to potting soil for container gardening or used as mulch on top of the soil and close to the plant.
  • In our current world, we unknowingly erode our soil and decline its potential to retain water or sustain life. Home composting helps cut down this soil erosion and avoid water drainage, particularly in intensively compacted areas of dirt.
  • It lowers the amount of landfill (since organic matter will not decay when so tightly packed without the correct circumstances of air and water) and cares for our land letting us to get more use from it in the future.
  • By incorporating compost in your gardens, you no more have to be concerned about the pH levels of your soils. The organic matter, or humus, in compost, supplies an excellent buffering potential; this means more nutrients are offered to your plants over a broader array of pH values.

You don’t have to be a garden expert to understand that including compost to your garden is a win-win situation. The positive aspects far outweigh primary start up cost for your own bin. From soil composition, water retention, toxin breakdown, and nutrient build up, compost is a healthy fertilizer that all your vegetation will thank you for regardless of how you choose to add it into your gardening plan.

As soon as you realize the role of organic substance in your soil, your garden’s health will take off!

Reference: Earth Composter


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