Growing Healthy Houseplants

theseplantsPlants in a home can help clean the air, and five to ten plants together in the same room enhance humidity, particularly in winter when the air is pretty dry.

We recommend first-time gardeners pick plants that are low-maintenance and can withstand the lower light times inside. These are likely to be leave plants rather than flowering plants.

  • Care essentials

You can spot the growing pots within cache pots (good looking pots designed to keep pots with drainage holes which also gest unnecessary water just as saucers do), but don’t let that further water sit in the base for too long. Generally, a plant can grow in the original container for at least one year. If you see circling roots pushing the plant out of its container or roots popping out of the drainage hole, get a new container. Choose commercial soil-less potting mix, and plant into a pot which is just a bit bigger than the roots.

  • How to Water

You can water your plants from the top down or bottom up. If watering from the top, try not to wet the foliage, while providing the entire soil lot is moistened. Water should be coming out of the drainage holes in the base of the pot.

  • Light

Just like watering, every plant has unique light requirements. Many plants want strong sunlight, but this may be challenging to get indoors. Setting a plant in a window may provide enough light, but some houseplants will need supplementing from a special grow light.



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